How lovely to "meet" you.

I am Lauren Harrison: a wife, a high-school English teacher, track and cross-country coach,  long-distance runner, and brand new mama. 

I want to change the world and I believe that Jesus is bolder and more brilliant than we know. 

 I love a good love story and am constantly over-dramatic. I believe sunrises and sunsets heal you. My best friend (besides my super rad husband) is our dog Chief. We just added our newest addition to the fam, Hattie, this September.

I started this blog (several versions and forms ago) way back in 2010. It holds years of growth and change and learning. I am a completely different person than I was at 20-- and yet the need to chronicle the simplest beauties in life has risen alongside me. 

Words are my mission. To write them. To read them. To sculpt them. To help give meaning to them. To give people dignity. To fight corruption and injustice (in the education system- and beyond). With words. 

Words matter. Thanks for reading mine.
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I'd love to hear from you! 

find me where the colors merge.