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This page is a collection of the places we have been. 

Boston, Massachusetts Spring 2018

Boston, Massachusetts
Spring 2018


What to do: Stroll around the harbor, visit old bookstores and Beacon Hill, drink beer in the middle city Trillium bar, eat lobster tacos, visit Cambridge and any Tatte coffeeshop, watch a sunset over the Charles.


This vacation far exceeded my expectations! Andrew was staying in Guatemala City for a graduate school practicum with Emory. Hattie and I hopped over for a week and we stayed in both Guatemala City and then Antigua. It was an amazing and beautiful experience full of good food, coffee tours, and volcano views. Fly into Guatemala City. Stay in Zona 4 and live like a local (while staying safe!). Take an UBER to Antigua and spend days walking around the quaint Central American city.


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