dear andrew.

LeI love you like all the words I wish I could say, but can't because I don't have enough. I love you like every song I hear or movie I watch where everything goes all right or all wrong and I can't help but cry. Either way, it's all you and me and what is or what could be-- it's just something bigger.


When I think about loving you, I think about every little moment of the day, of my past, and my future.

I have loved you through the seasons of growing up and that was when you got under my skin and my fingernails and deep, deep in my soul. As I learned who I was, I learned that I loved you more every single day; so that in the process of finding myself, I found you day after day and the roots grew stronger and gripped tighter until it seemed possible to be fully human without you.

There are a lot of ways to tell a love story, but the little moments that no one else will ever see are the strands that write my favorite one.