on injustice.

I will never try and pretend that I know anything about injustice or cruelty or hatred. I have lived a life of privilege and I know that. I'm not going to pretend that people should listen to me based on my experiences with mistreatment. 


It's really important to speak out.  

Take one look at social media and you will see people hating each other really well. 

Scroll through the comments on celebrity and politicians Instagrams and Twitter posts and you will find hatred screaming at you.

Don't read the comments, they say. They're just internet trolls, they say. 

Yes, some.  

But thousands? No. These are real people who use the "freedom to have an opinion" as an excuse to blast anger and hate into the world.  

And those are just words. 

We're currently reading The Crucible in my 11th graders class and it's so freaking important. While it was written to mirror the 1950's McCarthyism, it's a vivid picture of what hate and fear can do to tear apart a community.  

Fear holding power leads to hate. It always has, it always will. 

People in 2016 are afraid. And so again, as throughout history, we hate.  

When you do live a privileged life, it's easy to just avoid what happens outside of your life and just be "a positive light". But those of us sitting on the sidelines have got to do more. We've got to be the one person in Salem (John Proctor) who is willing to call out the bullshit. We've got to fight hate with more than just positivity.  

What are you going to do to fight injustice?  

For me, it's all about teaching. I really think that education and schools are the backbone for fixing so many other societal downfalls. And you might disagree. But don't turn on me. This is my way of fighting injustice, little by little. Fight to increase literacy and life skills in all my kids. Because I actually think the baby steps can help. 

Maybe you're cynical and don't believe the power of education. 

That's cool.  

What do you believe in? What do you do, even? Because whatever you're doing, you can foster intelligence and empathy there. 

What are you doing to rid this world of injustice today, tomorrow, this week, this month.

Because shaking your head and saying "what a shame" or "I hate that" is nice. But at some point, it's gotta be more.