on not being defeated.

 “When defeated, don’t be defeated”-- my college cross country coach once told me.


It’s not that easy, I thought.

But I’m learning that it is.

I don't know where you are this week, but maybe you're overwhelmedand pushing aside the prayers bigger than you because they feel laughable. But then you remember that God is NOT you, NOT selfish, NOT scared-- NOT human at all. He put those dreams in your heart. Maybe you're at a place where you feel like overshadowed or marginalized-- like every right thing you do is brought crumbling by the single wrong.


It’s easy to feel overshadowed-- to feel like your mistakes or even simply your lack of momentum casts shadows over the dreams that pulse in your heart.


It may seem dark in this world sometimes. But you can’t forget to adjust your eyes and burn vibrantly on.


And just,


When defeated, don’t be defeated.