hattie: two month update.

It's been two whole months of knowing and loving Hattie Elizabeth. While I was pregnant, people told me over and over about the euphoric moment when she was born and my heart would grow ten sizes. But the thing is, it wasn't until a few weeks in that I felt that heart swell. Sure, I loved her the instant she was born. But that love was mixed with wariness and a feeling of, "what the heck do I do?". As we hit the two month mark, I can't imagine life without this sweet nug and buddy of mine. But it wasn't instantaneous. So first-- some encouragement: nothing in pregnancy or newborn life has been exactly like anyone said. If you don't feel the same way as others-- who cares?! This is your life. You were meant to see through your own individual lens. 

We go for her two-month appointment next week, so I don't know exactly how much Hattie weighs-- but it's definitely over 10 lbs. Little girl has chubbed up this month and we love her chunky cheeks. I never want to forget who she is at this stage of life. 

Hattie loves...
- Sleeping! She is a champion sleeper. As in last night, she slept for 9 hours. Her average is 7 or 8 as of the past two weeks. 
- Eating. Hence the giant cheeks. 
- Standing up and trying to jump or climb up whoever is holding her. 
- Gilmore Girls. Just kidding, but she has watched a lot as I usually have it playing while we nurse. Maybe she'll grow up with rocket fast speech and a love of coffee?
- This past week I went back to school, so Hattie gets to stay with either her grandmas or her new friend, Ms. Ann. Lots of love for this girl!
- Looking at herself in the mirror.
- Being outside
- Ceiling fans. Because who doesn't?
- Going on runs in her stroller- especially going fast.
- Smiling. And we love it right back!