let's hold hands in the city.
act like we're young and free again. 
let's open our eyes to waterscapes
and get tipsy at noon.
let's be you and me, again. 
let's hold hands in the city.


brattle book shop.

brattle book shop.

Last week, Andrew and I went on a belated anniversary trip up to Boston, Massachusetts. We had gotten our flights ages ago on a Southwest deal and booked a cheap Airbnb right downtown (which ended up being amazing and right around the corner from a Cafe Nero lined with books and providing daily cold brew). 

To say that this year has been tough on "us" would be an understatement. We are battered and bruised. We still like each other (obviously), but there have been many times this year where we would each admit that we. did. not. I could launch into reasons and excuses, but it doesn't matter. Therefore, this trip, which was meant to be sweet and simple, would also hold the space for us to deal with some of the rocks we have held ready to throw at each other.

This year has been hard because we have each felt ourselves trying to hold onto our identities like treading water. So in a sense, as we have been trying to find ourselves in the wreckage, we have forgotten to rummage around for who we are together instead of just apart.

This past week in Boston was far from perfect. You can go anywhere in the world, but at the end of the day, you're still you with your "you" problems. But I'll always remember it as a sweet, sweet time perusing bookstores, sipping cold brew in Harvard Square, walking along the water late at night, and feeling a little guilty about how easily alcohol solves our problems. 

(Andrew, you are the coolest guy I know. I love you. Thanks for dealing with my mess.)

If you find yourself in Boston, here are some of the things we loved:
Eat lobster tacos at Row 34, grab a beer at the Trillium Beer Garden after a failed walk on the Freedom Trail, grab lunch at the Boston Public Market, walk through Boston Public Garden and along the Charles River Walk, take the train the Cambridge and visit Lamplighter Brewing Co., definitely get a cold brew at Tatte, get cocktails at Drink (if you want to feel really not cool enough but also get a dang good drink), buy all the things at Primark, visit Brattle Book Store, walk the streets of Beacon Hill, and just be with someone you care about (and tell them that while you're at it).