a few weekends ago, the boy and two friends of ours traveled to birmingham, alabama to visit another pair that we love dearly. i had never been to this sweet city, but i know that i will be back.

we visited a farmers market, ran along a lovely trail, drank good beer and good coffee, and stood on a wall overlooking the whole city. 

growing up can be most a delight and disaster. it seems paralyzing sometimes to watch your closest friends and oneself all move and scatter to new places and spaces. sometimes all you want is to bury yourself with the laughter and memories of days past. my new birmingham resident is one of my very nearest and dearest friends from high school and it’s strange to realize that we are all being disbanded into new worlds.

and yet, it can be beautiful to chase each new corner with people. it is a blessing to have friends with you, but with each new city we encounter we begin to see more of the world. 

we are, after all, only creating new lines of connection that zig and zag across the south and the country and the world and with each move comes the chance for us to swing across those lines and find the strength of friendship has only created a wider net in which to fly.