I’m really bad at staying in one place too long. Like, incredibly bad. Not only is my body antsy, but my mind is as well. I always want to go, go, go. 

This summer, I’m working on contentment. Or rather, the Lord is showing me how truly bad at it I am and how much I need that change.

I have routines for everything. Every single day, even on summer break, I run, read,and write. I eat the same matching foods. I get up by 7:00 still and exercise my body and mind.

But Sunday mornings, that is exercise for the soul. 

Sunday mornings have become my favorite time of the week. It is the only day when I just stay in bed with the boy and truly wake up slow. It’s not an instinct for me, but I’m making it a habit and it’s so refreshing. Early Sunday morning, light streaming through the windows, roll over as the boy puts his arms around me- Heavenly. There is something so sweet about it only being one day a week too. I love every morning, for similar reasons, but Sunday morning gives the space to stay. And in those moments, I absolutely am loving that verb.