It’s the middle of the summer and I feel like it just began yesterday. It’s been a strange summer, one of the first where I’m off and very few people around me are not. This leads to filling days with a lot of my one agenda: trying to learn to love through service, nannying my sweet cousins on some days, and spending other days at coffee shops writing. It’s going by way too fast, this summer sweetness. All too soon school will start back and teaching, year two, will commence. I’m trying not to hurry the days away.

These are some of my favorite moments of the season.

Wishing beach days could last forever. The best and most beautiful.

Exploring and becoming surf shop professionals, naturally.

We build teepees and play with puppies together. I love this girl.

We eat a lot of Mexican food. This is absolutely not a problem.

Writing inspiration comes best in the form of sun rays.

Summer is speeding away but I’m trying hard to catch each little moment of goodness; to capture it in jars like the fireflies we have been chasing by the river. There is so I let myself complain about far too easily. The summer sunshine is there in so many forms. I just need to soak it all in before it slips away.