just a few late bits and pieces from last weekend in athens with this boy i’m a little infatuated with. we have spent most of our lives apart for the past few years, but that just seems to mean that the days we do have together are infinitely more important.

this boy is my absolute best friend. and the fact that he has made my life one big whirlwind adventure since we met in high school never seems to get old. i’m just so thankful for every laugh attack, fight, and kiss that our lives meshed together have brought. and as much as i abhor february and have little regard for any holiday within it, it does give me a reason to reflect on the crazy adventure that this sweet love bloomed from.

and until next time, we’ll just continue to send dreamy letters back and forth and live our separate lives, each knowing that the other one is always, quietly, in the back of the others mind.

harry: i’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and the thing is, i love you.
sally: what?
harry: i love you.
sally: how do you expect me to respond to this?
harry: how about, you love me too?