life, lately.

has been quiet morning dates and a whole week off. 

has been growing more in love and deeper in thankfulness for this guy each and every day. oh yeah, and lots and lots of kissing.

has been celebrating REALLY AWESOME DAYS like my sister getting engaged to a guy who is already family. 

has been holidays and starting new traditions in a tiny new family.

has been love letters. but that’s nothing new.

has been understanding how deeply we need community and how thankful I am for the one I have. being able to get away to a beautiful mountain house with people that make you laugh really hard is a cool way to live. (it’s also cool when you have so many boys that love you like a sister because you married their best friends- the kind of love that sometimes calls out our differences and makes you mad- not everybody is surrounded like that).

life, lately has been stretching and hard (like it always is). but that’s what makes it so great. I’m seeking new adventures and trying to get out and am smacked in the face daily with the adventure I’m on. 

School may be the most frustrating place right now, but I’m honored to get covered in these kids life dirt for the sake of trying to dig into something, just something a little better.Atlanta may not be where I want to stay forever, but having family near and the coolest crew of people to call my own is a new and endearing place to be. And also hard. It’s hard to be committed to people when you’re used to flying alone. But Andrew and I are learning to stick around and it’s worth it.

I have to get better at being thankful because I owe it to the people that think I’m worth being around, betting on, or believing in.

I don’t really believe in myself lately, but I owe it to the adventure I’m on and to the God who is weaving it to pick myself up and love every second of flying dirt and angry words and hard mornings; love it along with pancakes and kisses and sing-a-longs around a campfire and squeals of laughter. 

I have to love it all, because I owe it to the One who loves all of me.