made for sunny days and made for you.

forever and forever i have hated the month of february, i have no reason, i am just dramatic and make things up and pretend the world ends in cold weather. and ok, winter is usually not a time of great joy. even the analogy yields winter as a dead season- spring bringing life. i am in no way a fan of winter, but the Lord has filled my heart with so much love and joy and just straight up blessing this winter that it is honestly nearly impossible to concentrate on homework when all i wanna do is majorly ptl. today, almost february-eve, was the most beautiful, perfect, 70-degree, summer-esque, sunny sunny day. it was almost as if the Lord was just pouring strength on His children- “winter is not over yet, but look at the sunshine to come” we can always make it through the winter. we can. and we might even discover the smallest and greatest blessings along the way. we might wake up one day and realize that years of prayers have been answered and you didn’t even realize until the sun hit you just how brilliantly the Lord has been working.

give me more sunshine, it’s literally the substance of heaven.