night running.

Stepping onto the trail, the sun sinks lower and lower. Another long day, not enough time to run. The sweetest boy decides to go out running with you in the dark and through the woods. You pick up speed and sprint up hills, all with the steady breathing of the one who loves you beside you. And as you run you begin to think about running through the deep, dark woods (with nothing but the dim light of stars above) and how usually you would be panicking but instead you run steady, because you are not alone. And you begin to realize that your whole life right now feels like you are running through the dark- not able to see your footsteps and simply pushing through. Running through the dark, overwhelmed, only noticing the darkness. But when there is someone besides you- you notice the breeze and the silhouette of the trees where their limbs meet the sky. You look out over the river with the moon dancing on it and let out a squeal with “This is the best moment ever!” and you realize that you never see your life, the real running in the dark, as step after step of breezes and moonlight and tandem movement.

Maybe we all have the runs that are not out in the bright sunshine and you feel as though you are trudging through darkness to get to the finish line. And then you find a person that will race you to the finish line. Run, run as hard as you can through the dark, lungs alive and breathing and just noticing, noticing the stars and moon and dancing silhouettes. Run through the dark bravely; run through the dark with all your might and make sure you run with the footsteps of another (your already promised the Friend of Friends beside you).