no place i'd rather be.

every hug, every smile, every welcome back are all filled with the same questions- how was your summer? and the only answer is life-changing, like every day walking with Jesus should be.

this summer i saw kids feel truly loved for the first time. i was reminded just how good that love is. i learned how to explain wonder, and then how to let is overcome your life- to truly see everything as something so beautiful, you question why you never noticed how much good was around you before. i learned that being selfless means things not going your way, and still having a willing heart. i learned that God has filled our lives with inside jokes between just you and Him. i learned that you can learn to love something by watching someone else be enamored with it. i learned that there is not an unlovable anything when God is the on teaching us to love. i learned that sometimes you have the break the rules a little to do what you need to do to help someone. i learned that some of our greatest moments are when we are weak, that redemption is a daily thing. i learned that God not only is with you, but He goes before you. i learned that naps are inadequate to crafts and christmas caroling. i learned that if we honestly trust God’s plans, we cannot be afraid of losing something; that we are more than who we are with or how we define ourselves. i learned that to be thankful all you really have to do is open your eyes. i learned that some people don’t like dance parties, and sometimes you have to dance around differences. i learned that having your best friend as a co is the greatest gift. i learned that if you want someone to understand that God loves them, you have to love them first. i learned that sparrowood dances and creekhikes and window worship and love carrier and friendships some people do not believe exist are all pieces of heaven– but the most important thing is not what you learned, but what you do with it.