slow down sister.

some people wait their entire lives to fall in love. it’s in every good country song and every movie and novel and we wait and wait and wait and dream and hope for the one day when you will fall harder than you could even imagine (although you do) into a love worth living and fighting for. to have a love story that makes you giggle to even think about and sweet dates and secret kisses and staying up too late just talking and over-your-head falling, falling, falling.

but honestly, falling in love kind of sucks. well, it sucks when you have totally and completely fallen and the only problem is you only do the “being in love” together part of your life in tiny bits and pieces. you always love  but you keep living your life and it seems like part of you is missing.because your soul is somewhere else, in love,  all the time.

so what is the point of being so lucky to find that person and not even do the “being in love” thing right? what is the point of knowing who you are meant to be with, if you are not going to actually be with them? what is the point of saying you want to be together over and over if when you get the chance you choose to stay apart. just a little longer.

some people wait their entire lives for a love like this. to give their heart away to someone and find that crazy-can’t eat-can’t sleep-over the moon-feeling. some people wait their entire lives for a love like this, and you found it.

and it seems like a slap in the face to love
if you find that kind of love
and then pass it up to wait some more.