the proposal.

For four years, we wrote letters. Lots of letters. And all of Lauren’s came in yellow envelopes.


This could be a short novel but Lauren won’t let me do that so I’ll jut say the story starts on October 14th at 8:30 AM on the way to work. I had been racking my brain trying to come up with something that would be special for the two of us while also providing a bit of flair since engagements are a bit of a spectacle these days.  A brief back story is that due to our long distance relationship and my love for the USPS, we wrote letters throughout college to circumvent the distance that separated us.
I knew I wanted to use this and knew that it would involve multiple yellow mailboxes but knew there had to be a differentiator. 

I think people who have fought the battle deserve to share in the victory as well so I decided I would contact those people and he them to write letters of encouragement to us since I know neither of us can do this on our own.

The proposal was pretty much a given at the end of October, but nothing creates a sweet surprise like a sunrise engagement. We had planned to go to breakfast and when I got up to go running beforehand, I got a call saying that I wasn’t going to have time to run and to go check my car. On top of the car was a brightly painted yellow mailbox, filled with roses and lots and lots of yellow envelopes. On top was a card saying to head to Cochran Shoals park, an open trail right by the Chattahoochee River.


Fast forward to morning of October 26th, I found an alternate place to propose in a park that runs along the Chattahoochee, have enlisted the help of two great friends to take pictures, and have just placed the first of three yellow mailboxes on Lauren’s car. I set up the final mailbox with final letters, roses, and the ring and hurried back to the front of the park to meet Lauren. It’s funny to me when people ask whether I was nervous but I always say I didn’t have time to be nervous in the midst of the prior week of frantic gathering of resources but ironically found myself with time to become nervous. Luckily my misunderstanding of sunrise times and fog density on rivers was remedied by the time I was alotted to stand at the front of a park with a yellow mailbox full of letters, and make a few friends with the intrigued runners that passed by. 
She finally showed, the fog lifted along with my spirit and the sun stood in just the right place. 
I explained the box of letters and we walked to final one as we both said something about how our conversation should be something profound but nothing really materialized. 
At the dock, I took her hand, leaned in close and quoted the poem I had greeted her with as she returned from Italy a little over a year ago. I asked her to marry me and the rest is here for you to see.

 Two of my best friends were there to catch the entire proposal on film and to celebrate with us. We prayed together and then went to get coffee (we were freezing) and read the letters from all of our friends together. That was the sweetest part. We are so thankful for all the words of those whom we love and love us and have been alongside us through our entire relationship. We got to celebrate with friends all day and are continuing to celebrate the way that the Lord has surrounded us by people who care about us and the way we love each other. 

This has been the most challenging, humbling, and stretching experience for us. We learn on a daily basis just how selfish and entitled we both are. We have had to re-write our definition of love for one another. But each moment of growth shows us a deeper picture of the way the Father loves us. And for that, we are amazed.

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