you are good when there's nothing good in me.

 a lot of people go to giant christian conferences looking for something to make them a better christian, maybe to make them feel better about themselves. when i stepped out of passion 2011, the one thing that i cherished the most was that there was no sugar coating the truth- there is nothing good in us, there is nothing good in me. essentially, we suck.

three days (for me) full of God’s incredible power in worship and famous speakers who are just the same as every college student in that room- we are all on a journey that we have decided is our own. and hey, it’s not. in reality it doesn’t even matter what we do, or where we go. what matters is who we do it through. if we are not carrying and promoting the name of Jesus in everything we do and everything we are it doesn’t even matter that we are overseas or doing what is “right”. who really cares if the name of Jesus isn’t what is heard?

we are human. we glorify ourselves. constantly. think about it- how many times in decisions or worship or preachings or church activities do we just turn and look at ourselves instead of removing the mirror and realize the focus of all is not us. maybe that sounds like a simple concept, but for me, i can recall dozens of times a song has come on during worship and i’ve loved or hated it because it wasn’t “my taste”- as if i could even claim to be worthy to have a song be something raised or meant to please me. hello, you are nothing.

God loves us to bring about His own glory, yet we think it is all about us. the craziest part of all is that He loves us at all. you have to seek Jesus and not His blessings, you have to seek the Healer and not just the healing. our joy cannot spring up from us in God, but God being one hundred percent the reason. one hundred percent. not even a little should come from ourselves. what we love and desire and live should all flow from the fountain of Jesus. if we get involved, we are simply contaminating the Holy spring of life.

Jesus is Jesus. He is not the American church or the radio stations or bumper stickers or camp or politics or mission trips. Jesus is Jesus, and that’s it and that’s what we should want Him for. because Jesus is more than enough.

phillipians 1:27
“whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ”