you make everything glorious.

today is the day! today is camp day. today is the day the wait is over. as much as i’ve been itching to drive those country roads take me home since the day freedom struck two weeks ago, i cannot discount how much i have learned in the little time i have been at home. home has always been a sort of waiting period, between school and camp or wherever God is taking me. but for the past two weeks, i have really learned so much. now, as i sit here on the verge of bursting with excitement, i can’t help but fall in love with how God changes us daily. one year ago i was sitting here wondering if i would even get to go to camp, and He gave me a summer of joy. now, i cannot even imagine what God has in store for me.

since being home, i’ve learned that there is power in unity, and beauty in harmony. that harmony is different melodies singing one song. that you can be reminded everyday that it really is not about you. and that sometimes it’s better when mountains are moved in other peoples lives rather than your own. that walking in love is loving everyone, and not just the few that make it easy.

i’ve learned that there are some friendships that can have their tethers weakened over the years, but when push comes to shove; they never really die. a divine friendship does not always mean you are best friends, but that when their heart aches so does yours, and it doesn’t matter how close you are, you just want to make sure they are alright. sometimes you find yourself surprised how much your heart will always be tied to the friends that God has given you.

i’ve learned that you may be surprised by your own weakness, but you should never be surprised at God’s strength. that your love is not enough, and that even what seems like the perfect relationship can’t stand a chance to the lies of the devil, and that is where God’s perfect love has to fill in the cracks. our own human love is often not enough, even for each other, and without God’s everlasting love, we don’t stand a chance.

i’ve learned that your family can change your life, everyday. that you will learn new things about fifteen year old sister and your parents will still surprise you with their grace. and isn’t that how the family of Christ should be?

ephesians 4:16
“joined and held together by every joint with which it is equipped, when each part is working properly, makes the body grow so that it builds itself up in love.”