you were made to run up mountains.

anyone who has ever gone on a run, or even a walk, can tell you that the coasting along may be fine until you hit a hill. hills are just harder to run up. and hills are miniature roadblocks compared to mountains.

there is a mountain on my schools campus and it is the focus of most of our teams runs. there is a certain seven mile loop called L-GOAT, in which you run around and slightly up the mountain, and then you reach a point where you turn into the woods and run straight uphill for almost a mile. and it hurts. it often brings tears and you wonder why in the world am i doing this? but then you get to the top and you turn the corner and you can see all of rome, ga. maybe even beyond, and you just think “this is why”.

no one ever got to the top of a mountain and saw the incredible view and wished they had just stayed at the bottom. God is a mountain maker. He made mountains and He made us with a desire to climb. think about your childhood; trees, bunkbeds, forts- we were made with a heart to reach the top of something. we were made with a heart to overcome. as we get older, our desire to climb is there, but its harder to see when your mountains are taxes and heartbreaks and jobs. yet we were made to make it to the top, and God promises it will be worth it.

the other day as i received the blessing to make this adventure run, i got to the top and looked out and something hit me– the most beautiful thing about running is not seeing how far you can go, but being able to be in a position to reach mountaintops and see that you can go so much farther. we were made for this. we were made to conquer mountains and get to the top and know there is so much more.